31 Days of Halloween - Day 9

It's the 9th of October and it's time for my 9th creation.
Zaha Studio Blog is hosting this awesome event, and there are 15 participants in this extraordinary blog hop.  Join us for fun, frivolity and some fantastic prizes.

I'm getting very excited for October 27 to roll around as Season 2 of Stranger Things returns!! As a fan of all things 80's this show is right up my alley!

So I made a pocket letter - my first for the year! I had a bit of a break as postage prices have sky-rocketed and for such a fun hobby, the price was killing all the joy.  This one I have made for me, it includes lots of paperclips, some die-cuts of a yellow phone, eggos waffles, Dustin's hat and an awesome techy watch.  Don't forget the string of lights too!

I thought I'd add in my brand new Eleven pop-vinyl that I got at markets recently, isn't she cute?!

I filled each of the pockets with some of my favourite pictures found around the internet.

This is the back of the pocket letter, with photos of the characters, the Demogorgon, a missing poster and a couple of scenes.

If you're wondering what a Pocket Letter is, it's a way of pen-palling.  First you pick a theme with your swap buddy, then create your layout.  Then fill the pockets with goodies.  I like to make paperclips and then add scrapbooking things that relate to the pocket letter theme.  You pop in a letter about yourself, a tea bag for a cuppa, some washi tape, stickers, sticky notes - anything that fits really, then send it off.  Some people like to fold their pocket letter in thirds to post, I like to leave it flat and mail it.

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Sarah - {you're here}


ionabunny said...

Beautiful. Love the paperclips. Hugz

Alison said...

Sarah, this is so cool! I've never seen a Pocket Letter before. What a fun idea! I love all of your Stranger Things memorabilia. This is fantastic!

Mary Holshouser said...

I'm not a scrapbooker so I thought
these pocket letters would be fun to
do. I'll have to make one for
myself. I got one from Susan
Renshaw - it's on display in
my craft room - and enjoy seeing
it when I'm working. Love
your letter. Enjoy it.
thanks for sharing.

Tink said...

Beautiful pocket letter!

The Altered Paper said...

What a fun pocket letter, fantastic and creative!

Denise Bryant said...

Awesome job on the pocket letter! I have not made one yet, but it looks like a lot of fun!

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Squee!!! I loved the first series of Stranger things! What a cool celebration of these awesome characters! Totally fab hun. Hugs, Wends xoxo

Kat Coppleman said...

I haven't had the opportunity to watch this show, but this looks really cool.

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

Spooktacular pocket letter tribute to the show! Love it!