Mary Poppins Umbrellas

There are some awesome celebrations coming up in Maryborough for Mary Poppins - Maryborough is the birthplace of Mary Poppins author PL Travers, and they have two weeks of entertainment and festivities planned from June 23!  So I'm theming my creations on this iconic movie!

Today I have used My Scrap Chick's Cone Covers to create little umbrellas with paper straw poles and the parrot-head handle that Mary Poppins has.

First I printed off the coloured and patterned cone covers onto cardstock.  I cut them out with my scissors and then hot-glued them into a cone shape.  The straw is passed through the hole in the bottom and then hot-glued into place - ensuring that the straw is in the centre of the cone cover.  I then added the parrot-head handles.  I found these in a google search.

Lastly, I filled the umbrella canopy's with lollies and then put them into a cellophane bag.  These bags are rectangular with a small hole that I added in the bottom/middle of the bag.  I poked the umbrella pole through the hole and secured the bag with a silver tie.  I carefully wrapped the extra bag around the back of the cone and secured with invisible tape.

Here you can see the umbrellas with and without the cellophane bag.

These are super easy to make, with the help of My Scrap Chick, and make fabulous party favours.

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