Day 9 of 31 Days of Halloween

It's day 9! You have joined the 31 Days of Halloween blog hop, this is a most awesome hop of everything spooky, kooky and creepy related. If you hop along and leave love, you might even win a prize!

Today I have for you - an ATC (Artist Trading Card).  I love creating these, they tiny little works of art and super easy to swap.  You can also use up all your scrap papers.  This one I had actually printed out these pictures for a Pocket Letter but slowly ran out of ink - with a bit of distressing and ink you wouldn't know and I haven't wasted anything!

I've mixed a little cute and scary with this card.  The background images are cute little ghosts, but the front has a torn image of a gruesome clown, some tattered tickets to Carn-evil and posters for palmistry.  I added a skull brad, some gloss, stickles and gems.

Here you can see some more extras - a little cork arrow and some clown ruffles.

Somee tickets that I roughed up and ran some ink over the folds.

Here's the cute little cork arrow - it already had the word "this" on it.

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ldfdesign said...

Loving all your projects! This is so creepy! Love all the bits you added!!! Wonderful job!

Monique Van dijk said...

I love the scary clown image

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

EEEK! Creeptastic ATC!

Mary Holshouser said...

Duff Goldman and Jonathan Scott were on a
Halloween special last night (Food Network and
HGTV). their spooky house that they
constructed and decorated had lots of clowns.
this picture would have fit right in.
Really wouldn't want to meet this close on a
dark street.
thanks for sharing.

Amanda Phillips said...

Scary Clown...crazy scary clown!!! Halloween awesomness!

Susan Salyer said...

eee gads! spooky clown! not a good thing hehehehe hugs

Susan Renshaw said...

Fabulous clown!

Viki Banaszak said...

So freaking creepy! Ug, I hate clowns...and I think this one is why.

Nan Bourdeu said...

Fabulous! He is one scary clown but all the bits and bobs you added make me want to keep looking at him! :) xx

Rebecca Yahrling said...

I love this, very creative.