A late spooking

Here's a little something I made for a neighbour.  It's a thank you card for all that she did to create a huge neighbourhood party for Halloween night so that we could take our children out and trick-or-treat.

We live in a circular street, so we all met at one mailbox, all dressed in our finery and then started off.  Each house that wanted to join in the Halloween fun had to put a balloon on their mailbox.  This way the children knew that they were going to houses that were expecting them.  There were at least 50 or more of us all walking around the street.  There were witches, zombies, scary cheerleaders, famous characters, movie dress-ups and home-made creations.  It was truly awesome!

We started our trick-or-treating just before 6pm, so as you can imagine the night started to fall and the fun only got better.  We saw lit pumpkins, lanterns, glow sticks, glow masks and outfits and light up spinners.  Sophia carried a flashing wand of light (it helped to keep an eye on her in the dark too!)

I of course decked out the front of my house with spider webs, ghosts, two lack-o-lanterns with flickering battery operated candles in them (this helped tremendously that they didn't blow out cause it was really windy and I wasn't home to keep an eye on them!)  I also had two more big pillar candles in the window, a skeleton and black cat.  I turned our porch light green and installed a witchy doorbell that (apart from being rediculously loud!) also popped out a spider when you pressed it!!!

Here are Amber (as a cute witch), Sophia (as little red riding hood), and Amber's besty (as a witch) before we set off on our trick-or-treating.  All of us witches (yes even I was dressed up) did have hats on, but the wind kept blowing them off so the girls left theirs behind.
This is all the goodies that Amber got in her bag - after taking about an hour to walk around the houses she scored all manor of lollies, toys, biscuits, balloons and a few bits of jewellery.
I'm surprised Sophia had anything left as she started eating as soon as the lollies started going in her basket!!  She did so well with all the walking.  She wasn't too sure about going up to complete strangers, but got the hang of it as she walked up with her friends from kindy (we bumped in to so many people we knew!) and her sister.  This was probably my only worry - teaching the girls to go up to strangers and ask for candy, it really felt wrong even though I was with them the whole time and it was all in fun.

Now for my card:
The little skirt was made from some pleated cardstock with some strips of organza ribbon underneath.  Then I used my bow-easy to create a contrasting bow.  The witches legs are just strips of pp.
The witches boots were hand-drawn onto some black Bazzill.  Then using some purple ink I roughly touched around the edge of the boots.  Then I added some bling for buttons.  I can't take full credit for the design of this card.  I saw one on google images that I loved and decided to give it a whirl.  You can find the original {here}


Karen said...

I love that card! Just showing the witches boots and stockings is a great idea :)

Callie @ Scrap Happy NZ said...

Awesome! I'm so going to have to use the organza skirt idea one day when I do a 'flashback to my old goth days' layout :D