A Baptism!

My family and I attended a dear friend's, daughter's Baptism today.  It was so beautiful in the little church with the stained glass and "old" smell - considering everything outside is quite new and modern (the church is located within school grounds).  I just love really old churches - it makes me wonder about all the things that the church has seen come and go - not only on the inside but the outside too.  They welcome little babies into the fold, and they also farewell people onto another of life's journeys.

So on the invitation it said not to give gifts - well I didn't want to turn up empty handed, and I also wanted this little one to have a keepsake.  So I made this card.  I have always been a card fanatic - usually when I'm buying them I can spend ages mulling over hundreds to find just the right one, so now that I'm making them the process hasn't gotten any easier!  I spent just as much time trawling the internet for just the right image.  I've never made a religious card, so this was a very new concept, all I knew was I wanted it to be cheerful and fun.  Then I found this image.  It reminded me of the last time I saw Little O, and she was trying to eat bits of grass on her crawl across the lawn (as all babies do!)  So I stuck with this image, and coloured and stickled my heart away.  Then I used Mojo Monday's latest sketch #194.  I realised though once I went to place the picture that it looked better in the middle - but the rest is pretty similar.
I popped the image up on foam dots and then added the ribbon (I made that using my Bow-easy).  Then I used a little trinket that Colleen sent me in our Easter swap - it was perfect!!  I sewed it to the bow with a couple of stitches.
Here's a better look at the image.  You can see the Stickles that I added - some yellow to the wings and some pink to the little dress.  I also added a little pink to the bands in her hair and some yellow to the bees buzzing around her head.

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Ashley Van Etten said...

this is so freaking cute!!