Easter Goodies!!

I am so so spoiled!!  My wonderful Sassy Sister Colleen sent me these goodies in the mail - I received them in bed on Sunday morning!

They are just THE cutest little containers - the jury is still out on whether the orange ones are carrots or pineapples!  I think they're carrots (cause it's Easter of course) but the girls think they are pineapples!  Either way I think they're gorgeous and what's inside is even better!  There are charms, flowers (paper and hand made), punched shapes - tabs, which I LOVE!, a gorgeous head band with matching bracelet and ring.  I got Sophia to model them for me so I could take a picture.  I can't wait to wear my head band!  There was also bling - a whole string of bling!, some bottle tops - OH and a bottle of alcohol & champagne mist (look out here comes a new addiction!), some buttons and brads - you would not belive the goodies crammed into those containers.  Each one is a treasure trove!!
Sophia loves all things girly and I had to watch she didn't knick off with my things.  The little plastic rabbit containers kept going walk-a-bouts cause she'd take them everywhere she went!

Thank you so much Colleen for your wonderful gift - I love it!!  OMG I just discovered Colleen's Etsy store - you have to check it out!!!


  1. So cute! I like the bunny shaped egg :) Also, I love your new layout. I haven't been here for a while so seeing those tabs up there and the side bar layout is a treat ;) Very nice!!!

  2. The eggs are great! I love happy mail like that!

  3. What scrappin goodness you got there.....


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