Our very own kids retreat!

I can't believe it's almost finished - our entire backyard, from start to finish has taken about 2 years.  We redesigned and ripped up the original - including the patio and gardens and now it's almost finished!!!  The best part of all has to be the kids retreat.  It's over in the corner, has shade, a cubby, a water slide, places to  hide stuff, a blackboard (coming soon) and some mirrors!!!

In the photo to the left you can see the new raised garden bed - it's so easy to plant in.  We recently grew our own vegetables and are now trying to grow some Rock Melon and Cucumbers.  I'm also going to look at growing some fruit trees.  You can also see the slide, which is wet and dry, there's some binoculars for spying everyone, and a nice sturdy fence surrounding the edges so no one falls off (there's about a 60cm drop to the grass).  The red things you see hanging down are wind spinners, they twirl and turn in the breeze.

Here's the retreat in all it's glory.  I only painted recently before a huge downpour of rain.  There are green hills and blue sky in the background of the retreat.  The umbrella is the cantilever type and can swing where ever shade is needed.

This is the wall next to the slide - thank you IKEA for all your wonderful storage!  There are bins, bags, pockets and the ever trusty pelican (which Sophia has already tried to climb into!) There are also the mirrors (which are like little windows) - and I of course had to doodle borders around the edges!!

We are having so much fun with this new play space in our backyard.  The girls spend hours out here playing in the cubby and having tea parties.  I love to sit on the carpet (marine grade) and join in with them - it's such a nice way to relax after being at work all day!!!  Now if the rain would just stay away.....


  1. I want your backyard! it is so perfect! I love it! I def need something like that~

  2. How beautiful Sarah! Very "play-friendly" place :)

  3. What an amazing yard and play place for your kids!


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