Need more hours!

I wish there were more hours in the day - seriously, so I could fit in work, and play!  I have so much scrapping mojo and not enough time to use it!  And it's the most wonderful weather to be scrapping (not be at work) cause it's done nothing but rain for days, actually weeks!  I love sitting in my scrap studio and hearing the rain patter on the window as I stick and glue and create!

It feels like these photos were taken in another time - there's sunshine and ducks!  The poor ducks have probably been flooded out of their pond and the weather is far too unpredictable to go wandering around our favourite park!  We were supposed to be at this park on the weekend for Amber's karate break up party, but we had torrential rain all morning and I really didn't fancy taking the girls all dressed up to a place full of water AND sand, just to end up running for our lives to the car before the banks of the pond burst (which has happened on far to many occasions and the little bridge through the pond completely dissappears!) I'm sure the ducks love the fact they can swim from one end of the park to the other without dragging their buts across the bridge, but I for one was not prepared to do this (with my two little ducklings and a drake in tow!)

So about my layout - we went to feed the ducks some bread one afternoon and ended up feeding Sophia instead!  She would pick off the tiniest bit of bread for the ducks, which she would end up throwing (accidentally) over her head, and then eat the rest of the slice!

I used lots of scraps on this layout, fashioned a scalloped edge on one piece and deliberately creased another.  Yep, I found a crease in one of the papers I used, so I made a few more folds to create a textured background!  I even managed to dig out some eyelets to thread some yard through!

On a recent trip to a new scrapping shop I found these leaves - aren't they wonderful!!!  I love ferns! I also added some flowers, pearls and stickers.

Any one else have children who eat the bread instead of feeding it to the ducks?


Sue said...

This LO is just lovely !!!! I love the colors and your daughter are sooooo cute.

JadeCook said...

Sorry the weather has been so horrible! The poor ducks! Such a cute LO! I love the flowers and leaves!

Kozy Krafter said...

Great colors. Very Precious!

senora_x said...

Great page and I agree there should be more hours in the day!