It's nearly the end of the year!

Can you believe it, the end of the year is just around the corner!!  I've been busy with the girls and Christmas, then we lost the internet for over a week, and the only contact I had with the world was by phone (which limited me quite considerably in the blogging department!)  So I'll add a few photos of the past few weeks for you to see.

The gorgeous photos at the left were of Sophia at her kindy Christmas Party.  She was so excited to see Santa that she took over and wanted him all to herself.  Once she got her present she went back for more, sitting next to Santa on a chair and chatting and sharing her book!!  Meanwhile when we tried for professional photos with both the girls and Santa, she didn't want a thing to do with him!!  This layout was created one night whilst I was trying to fix my internet!  I couldn't just sit on hold for ever doing nothing, so I whipped out my digital scrap supplies and created this layout!!  I truly fell in love with digital scrapping that night, it was so easy to just drop, drap, flip, mirror, re-size, crop, cut and border everything!!  All with one hand while the other held the phone!  Not that I'll be giving up "real" scrapping any time soon, but I am deffinately going to be using these products again!!  In fact I may just finish making a few more layouts from Christmas.  Seriously it's addictive, cause you can never run out of supplies - especially letters, and you can't loose the sequins on the floor!  The digital scrapping goodies that I used are from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs - the same creator of my blog decorations!

Okay, so for some more photos of the month:

The girls loved creating their gingerbread house - Sophia managed to eat one of the men before the house was even decorated and then started on the candy!  Amber was very proud of her decorating skills and even tried her hand at piping!  The last two photos are of Sophia's birthday - she managed to have three!  One at daycare and two on different days at home.  Thankfully the weather was good - only the second party had a rain storm but the patio held up perfectly.  The photo of Sophia playing at her new water table is the morning of her birthday.  She didn't want to leave it and go to kindy!  She just loves the water!


Tricia said...

OMG they are getting too big and too cute! Sarah, I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years! Your pics turned out great and that gingerbread house looks great!

Ria said...

Yummy treats! Great pics too :)

Happy 2011 Sarah and same goes to your wonderful family.

Ria C

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