Spring time jobs

Well it's currently pouring rain outside and too chilly to do any sort of outdoor chores, but this time 2 weeks ago Sophia was out helping her daddy in the garden with the mowing.  She put her clogs on, dragged her mower out and then popped on daddy's ear muffs.

In typical girly fashion she dusted off the mower and started to walk in circles around the yard - the only thing that made her trip really long, was she had to stop and pick all the flowers before mowing over them!!!

We have a lot of clover in our lawn at the end of Winter - thankfully it's the nice flowery kind, and not the nasty kind full of bindies (for those who don't know, bindies are little green prickles that dry when summer hits and they prick you in the feet and get stuck to your socks when you walk on them!)  So Sophia had to pick bunches of them and try to smell them as she walked along with her mower.  She walked up and down the yard, around the trees and bushes and then over to her daddy on the other side of the driveway.  When she's not mowing the front yard, she likes to mow the loungeroom!

I added lots of pretty elements to this layout, along with earthy colours and patterns.
I added some stickles to the centres of the flowers and some dots on the pp next to it.  The tag is raised on 3D foam dots.


JadeCook said...

I just love your story! I want to get Westin a lawn mower. And such a cute LO! I love all the flowers!

senora_x said...

cute page! love the ruched ribbon and flowers!

Cindy Gay said...

Nice photo sequence.

Sue said...

Fun LO!!!!