Jessie and Me

Ever since Toy Story 3 came out, Amber has been obscessed with Jessie, that's all she's wanted to buy.  So I put one away for her on layby for Christmas, and thank goodness I did cause she sold out fast.  This also made it easier when we went to the shops cause I could use the old excuse that "oh well there's no more left!" when Amber went looking.  Well fast forward to July and it's the school holidays and Amber comes down with the chicken pox!  She was so down in the dumps for spending days indoors that I couldn't resist giving her Jessie.  Her face lit up, and she played with her for hours - Amber actually left Piglet in her room and didn't play with him for ages!!  And anyone who knows Amber, knows that Piglet and Amber do everything together.

So I thought I'd take the two BFFs outside and do a photo shoot!  Amber also now has a full costume complete with boots and hat!  So keep your eye out for that layout!

I used some string that came on a pen for the lasoo - I actually googled how to tie a lasoo so it's done properly.  It was sewn to the layout with clear thread and the loops mimic Jessie's shirt

I used all of Jessie's colours in the patterned papers and flowers, added a little bling, and journalled around the edge to create a border.  I also did a little inking.

I used a Pagemaps Sketch for this layout.


Mighty M said...

Very cute! :)

Sue said...

Cute LO!!! She looks so happy.

Cindy Gay said...

Like the yarn circled around the toy.

senora_x said...

Super cute page! Love the lasso!

JadeCook said...

Such a sweet story and great LO. I love the rope you made!