Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween would have to be one of my most favourite times of year, and I don't even like being scared.  I'm not a huge fan of scary movies or rides and getting frightened is my least favourite thing.  But there's just something about dressing up, using the colours orange, green and purple, covering  your front door (deliberately) in spider webs, as I did today, and carving a pumpkin or two!

I love looking for fun costumes for the girls to wear, and this year Sophia got to dress up for daycare.  She went as a cute little witch in her spiderweb covered dress, with cape, hat and wand.  I even found her a broom which she rode for about 2 seconds and then proceeded to sweep everything including the poor cat.  Amber wanted to dress as the good witch Glinda from Wizard of Oz, so she used her gorgeous pink Aurora dress.

We don't trick or treat here - other children come to the house, but I'm a little funny about letting the girls ask for lollies from strangers - but our street put on a bit of a party and all walked around in a group.  There were lots of laughs, cheering and giggles.

Here's the full outfit - plus the broom.  Sophia was watching the helicopters flying about over head, and later it was a whole hoard of bats - she was fascinated!

Just before lunch - and after a little swim - Sophia helped me to carve a pumkin.  The little one was done at work with my kindy children, the big one was done at home:
I used some battery operated tea lights to go inside since the children keep climbing up to the table and looking in.  Next year I think I'll invest in some proper carving tools - it's really tricky getting into tiny corners with a pearing knife!
Have a happy Halloween!!!


JadeCook said...

She looks so cute in her spider web dress! Anytime my son sees a broom or mop, he starts using them to clean the floor lol

senora_x said...

cute costume and I love your pumpkin display!

Laurie! said...

Your pumpkins turned out great!!

Angela said...

What sweet photos of your little one!