Something fishy....

Something fishy was afoot one morning when I couldn't hear the girls as I was getting ready for work.  They were very quiet in the bathroom and I could hear water splashing!  Apon sneaking around the corner to look in on them I saw them both playing with Amber's goldfish - he's not real, he starts off about the size of a 50c and then grows overnight in water (or in our case the bath) and grows and grows and grows.  Now he's huge!  And Sophia can't stop grabbing him and kissing him!  She would also pat him on the head and then throw him back in the water and then start all over again.  Apparently it's the thrill of the hunt?!  Eat your heart out Rex Hunt - you have a new fishy companion!!

I wanted to give this layout a little Dr Seuss feel - do you remember the story Fish out of Water?  It's about a fish that grows to big for anything that it's put in!  Just like our fish - we put him straight in the bath cause previous fish have grown too big for bowls, jars and cups!!  Here are some closeups of my multi-layered layout:

The title was created by cutting out a cloud which is raised on 3D foam dots.  Then I used stickers for the title and stuck them to acetate which is also raised on 3D foam dots - it makes the title look like it's floating.

Here is my paper pieced fishy - he's raised on 3D foam dots.  The tail and fin were created by cutting some paper with my corner punch (to create the scallops), then bunching the straight edge together and sticking it down.  All edges are inked and then some yellow Sticklesjavascript:void(0) to define the edges.  I used a nice big boggly eye and some crystals and water droplets to act as bubbles.

Here is my hidden journalling - all about our fish friend.  It's just a scrap of pp that I had, I doodled a border and slid it behind my photos.  You can also see I doodled a border around the entire layout in black pen - it just helps define the edge.


Nichole said...

LOVE IT!!! I REALLY love the hidden journaling and the the Dr. Suess inspiration. I am curious to know more about your fishy friend, this sounds like something my little girl would love.

Joy said...

This is such a darling layout!