I found a giant snake at work today!

It was roughly 9 metres in length, was brightly coloured and soft in texture - about 15 denier to be exact and infused with aloe vera!!

Haha, I made a giant anaconda out of stockings and newspapers for my kindy children to paint all over.  We even read the Rainbow Serpent (an aboriginal dreamtime story).

The children loved it, and really enjoyed helping each other to pick it up and move it.  They could pull it, tug it, and drag it around.  They held it above their heads and tried to measure each other!  All 15 children were able to pick a piece of snake to paint their favourite colours using different sized brushes.

This snake was created using 4 pairs of tall stockings, about 6 newspapers and some brochures (at 11pm I was still digging around in my recycle bin hoping I still had some more newspapers, but alas had to resort to brochures!).  He has boggly eyes (that one child decided had to be painted yellow), and a bright red felt tongue (which thankfully was stitched on really well cause that's where most of the tugging came from!).  He took about 2 hours from start to finish (Thankyou Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice for your entertainment).  I cut the legs of the stockings and carefully stitched them all together.  Then through one of the openings I began to stuff newspaper in (boy didn't that take forever and I was covered in ink when I finished!!).  But it was so worth it to see the children's faces when I bought it in!  That snake is definately going to be a talking piece at the dinner table tonight!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

so fun.

Darlene Servolini said...

HOW FUNNY is your writing!!! You made me laugh out loud a few times!

I love this snake idea! This is so fun!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea!! i want to make one for my kids! Super cute!

Chris said...

This is awesome! What a way to get the kids on board with learning!