A trip to kindy

Some of you already may know, but I work in Childcare.  My age group is 2.5 - 3.11.  It's the best group by far, they do and say the funniest things!  I love working in my room and mucking around with the children all day painting, gluing, sculpting and playing make believe - sometimes big people need to get away from the stresses of every day too you know!  When your whole world revolves around a jug, pretend phone and a wooden kitchen, your day can be bliss!  So I thought I'd post a couple of recent pics of my room.  It's actually in the middle of a massive make over due to our curriculum change, but the photos give you an idea of where I spend my week.

To the left around the corner is where you would enter the room.  To the right out the glass doors is my covered in verandah.  It is so handy to have this, as my children can play out there during the pouring rain, instead of being couped up indoors (like we have been for the past 2 days!  The first cupboard on the left is the prep room where our supplies and sink are, the second cupboard is where the beds are kept.  On the right is our pre writing area (where the children are), then there's the science corner (you can just see the blow up frog) and then there's home corner.

This photo is taken from the opposite end.  The windows on the left lead out to the playground, then there's book area and the doors with paintings on the back of lead to the bathroom and toilet area.  Then there's our relaxation corner (for those that need a little time away from friends or just need to relax and chill for a bit).

I love lots of colour so that's why the hanging art lines are covered in coloured triangles.  We also have a space theme, complete with planets and Amber's rocket she made as a project 2 years ago.

Thanks for visiting my kindy room!


  1. Very cool.. It looks so funa nd colorful. I work with the kids at church. We have K-5th in the same building but broke down into smaller groups. It is so fun to watch them do their thing and use their imaginations and express themselves. I think it is awesome that you do it for a living. How very rewarding that must be.

  2. I also work in childcare with the 0-2 year olds and have just as much fun - especially when they start talking or take their first step. Love my babies - It's just the paperwork and the amount of it that detracts from the job - otherwise it is perfect.

  3. Wow it is so bright and colourful, and did you notice the gorgeous banners that adorn it that are so popular in scrapping right now. Thank you for sharing your inner child room, lol, and I would love to send Nate to somewhere like this for a day per week, what area are you in. Love Melxx

  4. What a FABULOUS and bright enviroment you've created for your kiddies!!!


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