The Sassy Blinging Babes Blog Hop!!!

Yay it's finally here!!!  The Sassy Blinging Babes are having a blog hop for a whole week - there will be all sorts of wonderful creations to Ooh and Aah over, and you might even win something!!

To the left you will see my creation - it's a Teacher Survival Kit!  This little apple started it's humble life as a Pavlova Egg!  I used a few basic ingredients, and some handy dandy tools and voila - one really neat little gift for a new teacher or a for the start of a new school year.

Okay - so you want some instructions?  First you need some ingredients.  You will need: One sheet of red Bazzill, some scraps of brown and green Bazzill, a strip of co-ordinating ribbon (roughly a metre), some decorative paper (mine is a strip I cut from Imaginisce pp - it's rulers), some double sided tape (to adhere the ribbon to the paper), 2 brads, a pin, and a piece of yellow scrap Bazzill.  Tools you need will be: One pavlova egg (emptied), a circle cutter or punch (I used the blue cutter from Creative Memories, it makes a 2.2cm diameter circle), clear stickles, and a hot glue gun.  Okay lets get started.
First fire up your heat gun while you start to cut out circles.  I cut a few rows and then started to glue them to the egg.  I started at the top and and worked my way down in layers.  You only need a dot of glue to adhere the circles to the egg.  I then started on the other end of the egg and worked my way to the middle.  Make sure that you don't cover up the middle seam of the egg, otherwise you won't be able to open it and put your goodies inside!
I then cracked open my egg and carefully ran a strip of red around the egg at each seam.

Okay, now you have it covered in Bazzill you can add a stem and leaves.  The stem is a piece of scrap Bazzill rolled and glued.  The leaves were created by cutting a leaf shape from scrap Bazzill, laying it on my 12 inch cutter and embossing a line half way along it, then curling the leaf slightly to give it a more realistic look.  Now glue the leaves together, then glue them to the apple.  Now glue the stem to the leaves.  You don't need much glue - and take care not to let it leak out.  I then cut the stalk on an angle at the top.

You'll have to excuse blogger it's always messing up my photos - but here you can see the detail on the leaves a little better.

As a finishing touch I added a strip of pp with a ribbon.  The ribbon is adhered to the paper with a strip of double sided tape.  The brads are simply to make the bond a little stronger when you pull the ribbon together to form a bow.  You can see the finished project above, at the top of the post.  I pinned a little card that I made in my cuttlebug.

Now for the inside!  You will need: Lifesavers, Tic Tacs, a rubber band, a paperclip, a shiny coin (penny), marbles, some coloured pencils or crayons and a band aid.  You can also email me and I can send you the PDFs of the little insert of what each product means to a teacher, and a print out of the Teacher's Prayer. (They are Microsoft Publisher documents).

And here you can see the apple in halves with all the goodies!  What a wonderful treat for a teacher.  To shine up the apple I added clear Stickles to all the circles and the edges of the leaves.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I'm hoping to make survival kits for mothers, fathers, doctors, grandmothers and more!
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  1. You were right...I LOVE it! The teacher will love it, too! You are so talented (and thoughtful), Sarah! :)

  2. Very cool idea Sarah! Great job. you never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

  3. This is awesome id love to try this but i dont think you can get those eggs over here. I'll have to go hunting online to see.

  4. Wow! what a cool project! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Way too cute! I'm going to have to make one for my daughter to take to her teacher!!

  6. Oh My, How Cute! Love the sparkily apple layers, as well as the cut-shaped leaves!...All So Cute!

    Great Project Sarah! TFS! :)

  7. These are really cute! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Leave it to you Sarah! You come up with the most clever ideas and the cutest projects!!! This is adorable!!!

  9. very cool idea. We don't have these eggs...but i MAY find an easter egg big enough or...I don't know if pantyhose still come in an egg??

  10. This is just perfect for a teacher! Such a cool gift! Thanks so much for sharing.....

  11. Awesome teacher gift! Thank you so much for linking up and becoming a follower! I really appreciate it! I hope you come back next week!!

  12. This is awesome! I have never seen an egg this large here in the US, but I'm gonna start looking for something similar around Easter time here and see what I can find. Very cool project!


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