A new challenge!

I just recently found a great blog called Manic Mother - that among other things helps me with my photography!! It's called the Bloggography Challenge and it's on every week!

So this weeks challenge is all about the rule of thirds - which is usually in the back of my mind everytime I take a photo - I'm still not sure I'm getting it right, I just go with what looks good.  But here's my submission anyway:

Okay, so my daughter is still centred in the photo, but her head isn't - it's in the top 1/3 of the photo - so I think that's right!?  I took the photo lying on the grass while she was just barely leaning over - it made her hair look really short and light - I love how her dress sort of reflects a little pink into her cheeks.

My second photo is of my youngest daughter:

I think this one deffinately follows the rule of thirds, surprisingly this photo is of Sophia in her highchair, she was snacking on her lunch while I snapped this photo.

If you want to join the challenges and take better photos - come and join me!

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Manic Mother said...

Great examples! I love the angle of the first shot!

Sarah Lou said...

Oh thank you so much for the link!!, Im always trying to take better photos!!!

Lolli said...

Gorgeous girls you've got there!! I'm glad you found us!!