Happy Easter Every Bunny!!

I hope you are all having a great Easter!  It's been a wonderfully hot day here, the girls and I have been busy painting and decorating foam eggs that the Easter Bunny left behind, we also baked some cupcakes and decorated them - you can see them on the left.  They are simply vanilla cupcakes with green vanilla frosting.  Then we coloured some shredded coconut and dipped the frosted cupcakes into it.  Amber then chose some little eggs and laid them on top of the "grass" and I added some sparkly pipe cleaners to make the basket's handles.  Amber loved them, but made her own cupcakes without the coconut (cause she doesn't like it).

The rest of the day was spent napping, watching telly, playing on the trampoline (yes even I had a jump with the girls - which they loved), then we did a bit of bird and cloud watching - Sophia loved pointing and saying "birb" as the lorikeets arrived and ate the grevillias.

All up I think the girls have had a great day, not too much chocolate eaten as the Easter Bunny very thoughfully left a note warning the girls they'd get a tummy ache and to remember to brush their teeth.  He also left egg cups, books and play dough!  Plenty to keep them amused for the day!  Tomorrow we'll have the Easter Egg hunt that we forgot to do today....


Ria said...

Happy Easter Sarah and family! I love your little peeps... So cute and adorable. As always, I love everything you create. Sight to behold!


Ria C
It's My Party
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Shirley said...

What a wonderful basket! Hope you had a great Easter with your family too!

Jamie Lane said...

So cute! Love the idea and your colors!

Delilah H. said...

Oh those are SO CUTE! I wish I had seen this post BEFORE Easter! My daughter (she is 3) is so into cooking right now AND the Easter bunny. I think she would have really loved to help make these. Oh well... maybe I'll make them anyway :-)