Play Play Play!!

Recently the girls and I (Jason was at work), invited along to a picnic at Colmsly Beach Reserve.  It was such a gorgeous weekend, we made egg and salad sandwiches, packed the picnic blanket and some toys and set off!  Despite getting horribly lost in the industrial area around the Gateway bridge - my trusty iPhone got us out of trouble with it's GPS!!!

We were the first to the park, so we got to explore the tunnels, climb the steps to the octopus and for Sophia - experience our first slide!

There were trees surrounding us which was great for such a sunny day, and we had beautiful breezes off the water and watch boats and jet-skis whizz past.  Sophia loved exploring the leaves, bark and trees, while Amber loved the adventure playground, and bike track.

This layout is for Practical Scrappers white pen challenge - I used it to doodle around the shape I made in the patterned paper.  The reason I did this is because this page is interactive.  I had more photos and journalling I wanted to add, so using double sided paper I made a lift up page!
Here you can see the page lifted and the outline that I created.  It's just like a secret garden, you have to dig to find more treasures!
This is the page underneath - a couple more photos of Sophia playing in a friend's Bumbo seat, and playing with a shape sorter.  The white pen worked beautifully with this cardstock - all you have to remember is to rule some lines if you are not confident writing in a straight line.
This is just a little closeup of the title and flower.  I added some Stickles to the flower and of course I had to have bling and critters in there somewhere!  I love Doodlebug!


Kristina said...

Great layout. The colors are so pretty against the brown background. I love your hidden page technique. I aways find that there isn't enough room on one page for all that I want to display too.

Heidi M said...

Hi Sarah! This is a great layout! Love the hidden pictures and journalling and great touches with the white pen.

Heidi :)

yulz said...

beautiful layout. Wish I'm as creative as you are so i can do something for my class at school =)

peata said...

cool layout. love the interactive stuff.

Alison said...

I love this idea, its fab! I have never seen anyone do this before, will have to try it sometime.