I love my iPhone!

I love my iPhone that much - I made it a home. Yes my iPhone is like a swiss army knife! It has a torch, level, compass, gps, light saber, maps of the night sky, glow sticks, hearing test, stress toy, fireworks, hammer, toilet finder, relaxation toys, piano and xylophone, info on where I parked, a grocery and todo list, first aid and CPR, garden, dog, recipes, voice alterator, faeries, balloons, bugs, Sponge Bob, barcode reader, camera, a dictionary and tons more - yes I love my iPhone (probably should do a layout about it!) any way - where is this all going? Well I even use my iPhone to scrap - yep I save sketches on it to use later, and I noticed that it was annoying that I couldn't see (or find) my phone on my desk - so I made it a stand! I took a photo with and without my phone. Of course the stand had to be pink - as the case on my phone is also pink! It also had to be sparkly and have all the things I love (bows, bling, flowers, and a little blue birdy!) The entire thing is made from chipboard that I cut and covered with paper. I did a little inking around the edge too. I'm so happy with how it came up!
Here is a close-up of the flower - with lots of bling and Stickles added. I also found some gold sparkly ribbon, and I stuck some Doodlebug stickers to acetate, so they "float" around the flower and bow.Here's another angle. This paper is double sided - so I used one side for the entire stand, then to cover the corners and make it a little neater (and to hide the hot glue), I flipped the paper, cut scallops into it using my trusty corner rounder punch, and then gently folded them around the corners and adhered using tape strips.
Note: I haven't added a hole in the stand to support charging of the phone, because I never need to - my phone charges every night while I sleep!


Candace said...

That is the cutest phone holder I have ever seen! :)

Heidi M said...

What a brilliant idea - and so pretty too!

Heidi :)