A pencil you can really eat!

I found this adorable idea for a teacher gift online by Wildblueeyez and just had to re-create it!

First I measured and cut a piece of yellow card to wrap around a Cadbury Chocolate Roll. I created lines by using my stylus and the grove on my 12 inch cutter. I also tore the bottom of the paper to look like a real pencil (when it's sharpened.) I glued a Hershey's kiss to the Cadbury Chocolate roll to make the pointed end of the pencil. Then I simply wrapped a nice piece of red ribbon and stamped an apple (from Imaginise) onto red card, then again on white. I cut the white shape out, just on the inside of the stamp so it would fit inside the red stamped image. Then I cut a little green leaf and added some boggly eyes. All I had to do then was write a message (the name has been smudged out)

One very sweet treat for Amber's teacher!


Tali G said...

That is amazing Sarah...have to keep that in mind for Connor's teachers.

Sue Frazier said...

how cute!!

Yvonne said...

What a cute idea. Must give that a try.