Look at my new dolly!!!

Oh isn't she the cutest little dolly you ever did see! My beautiful friend and Sassy Blinging Babe Sister from SB.com sent her to me!!

Picture this - I walk in from a hectic day at work to find a parcel on my table. There is a little person on the front standing on a tall island with the words "Guam" on it. Then on the back there's another little person on a tall island with the words "The Queen's Land" - which made me chuckle. Then I ripped it open and all I could hear - yes HEAR - was someone yelling "Heellloooooooo is anybody out there" it was the funniest thing! I actually felt like there was a little piece of Kelly wrapped up in my parcel saying hi to me. The girls loved it too. But it was what was in the parcel that floored me. A single piece of material with this little doll printed on it ready to be made into something lovable - and would you believe it was printed in 1976! I just LOVE that!!!! Kelly had it from when she was little and had her first sewing machine!! Thank you so much Kelly, your thoughtfulness and humour is so appreciated. I hope you don't mind, I added a little ribbon to the back and some lace to the front - not because it needed it, but because I love dimension and Sophia likes texture.

Oh and speaking of Sophia, guess who has adopted the little doll?
Sophia adores the little doll - I couldn't get a photo of her hugging it cause she was too quick before she scooted off and put the doll in her shopping trolley and pushed her around the lounge!

Thank you again Kelly for such a precious gift! blow a kiss Pictures, Images and Photos


Candace said...

Oh, cute!! That was so sweet of Kelly!! :)

KellyCali said...

Sarah (Helloooooooo!), I am so glad to hear that 'Dolly' made it to you! You made her into something Cute & Adorable, (just as I imagined!) Thank You to you & little miss Sophia for taking her in and adopting her! I know that she will hereon be happy, hugged on & forever loved!

p.s. Thank You for the sweet pics Sarah!...They completely made me smile!! XO