Happy Valentine's Day!

♥Aw it's the loveliest time of year when you might just be lucky enough to get something pretty from a loved one! And I did!! Woohooo!! Jas bought me this gorgeous bunch of flowers - the yellow ones. He said it was the nicest bunch of roses he could find but he didn't know what the yellow meant! I told him "friendship" which after (almost) 10 years of marriage is just as special to me as "I love you". Jason is my best friend, and I love that despite being busy outside renovating and landscaping he bought me this gift.

I bought him a single stemmed rose (cause Jas isn't all frills and flowers), and this cute box of Hershey's kisses (yes I'll be swiping the box when he's done with it...) but look at all those little kisses!! We are so lucky to have a lolly shop that imports all sorts of sweets and chocolates - I couldn't go past this box, it really is adorable - and I might say after finally trying one for the first time, they are quite tasty too - not as good as Cadbury though!

Okay, so would you like to see the card I made him? I was inspired by a card I saw over at 2 Peas, and just had to try it. Not only is it acetate, but I stamped on it too - with my coloured stamps!!
I'm so happy with how it turned out! I randomly stamped images on the acetate (you need to have an extremely steady hand for this!), waiting for the images to dry and then embellished. There is a folded piece of Bazzill inside for a sentiment and message. I used primas then added pearls to their centres, the hearts are from Doodlebug and are raised on 3D foam and are sparkly!

♥Have a beautiful valentine's day!♥


Candace said...

I was just thinking today that I wanted to try an acetate card and then I popped over here and saw yours! Very cute! Lovely flowers from Jas!! So glad you had a nice Valentine's Day!

Ria said...

You two love bugs are so sweet after all those years. Happy Valentine's Day to you and have a romantic one... ;)

Love the card!!!