Feeding time at the zoo

There are many things that Sophia can now get into - now that she's on the move, and her favourite is the cat biscuits! Most of the time she doesn't eat them, she just tips them out and then picks them up one by one and puts them back in the bowl.

But today she decided to eat them!! It sort of goes like this - one for the bowl, one for Sophia, one for the bowl, two for Sophia - and so on, until the floor is completely covered and Sophia has a sort of fishy/biscuity odour about her!!

She also likes to mimic our cat by crawling around purring or meowing! Sophia loves the cat - but the cat doesn't really love her back - I guess being 12 years (65 cat years) gives you reason to be grumpy and not so tolerant of little people yanking on your tail and head butting you!!

I had so much fun with this layout - using scraps, inks, things I found in my stash - and using the wonderful stickers I bought with my gift voucher that Rhonda gave me over at SB.com for organising our virtual baby shower for Shannon.
I raised some of the stickers, scrunched up the green pp and then sanded it, inked the paper strips, and doodled around edges.
I loved these zoo stickers! The "zoo" came with them, so I knew I had to make it part of the title. It's a little hard to see, but the black title letters are actually sparkly.

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laterg8r said...

this is an adorable LO and such a funny story to document :D