Crap is the new black - and a birthday party...

Happy Birthday to me and Jas!! Yes this weekend has been all birthday!

First up I had the surprise of having my brother and his beautiful girlfriend come and visit for the weekend, then two of our friends took us both out to dinner - and Nick got to come along too. We went to La Porchetta and had wonderful pizza's, steak and pasta! Then Jas surprised me with a trip to the movies - yes he took me to see Avitar in 3D!!! He organised with my besty Amy to look after Sophia - cause Amber was at a sleepover - so we could go out! It was soooooo good!! So we had a fabulous day, I bought Jas Cricket for the Wii and he had a game of that when we got home. Today, I got woken to the smell of pancakes in bed, then I got given my present which is a Sony Dream Machine. Not only is it an alarm clock, but it docks my iPhone, charges it and uses the songs off it! It can also except memory cards and usb so I have uploaded all my favourite photos of the family and now have a photo album to wake up to in the morning. Oh and it also plays video and you can make your own fun wakeup sounds and movies! I also received a monogrammed towel and necklace from the Sparrow Family mum & dad, flowers, choccies and a gorgeous chocolate cake made by one of my work mates on Friday - they're so sweet! So I think we've both had an awesome birthday this year!!

In other news - I'm now a design team member for Scrap Your Crap! - considering crap is probably my favourite word, and I tend to hoard a lot of it (scrap wise), this is the perfect design team to be on, and for you the best blog you could visit (other than here of course). We all have crap lying around, in boxes, hanging up and taking up space, so why not scrap it! We have a challenge once a month - and you could win!!! What are you waiting for, go use up some crap!


KellyCali said...

Happy Birthday Dear Sarah! I'm so glad to hear that you had an extra-special one today!

Kissy-Kissy & Enjoy The Rest Of Your Beautiful Day!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm excited too. Can't wait to get started!