Love is in the air....

Yes Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and the Sassy Blinging Babes and myself have been working on a challenge that involves creating cards to send to one another. I found inspiration over at 2Peas and created the card you see to the right. Each card has a different element (the little circular disk on the right of the card). It's raised on tiny foam squares. I made the paperclip using my new Cuttlebug and new Heart Die!!! I ran some pink felt through first to create a full heart, then I ran some red Bazzill through to create the filigree heart. I added a touch of bling and then attached it to the card with adhesive. The actual white card was bought at Riot. I simply cut up some double sided pp (one side for the top and one side for the bottom). I then used my neat little corner punch which has removable guide. I moved it along a strip of pink Bazzill to create perfect scallops. The find a word was created using Microsoft Publisher & Word. The lady bug graphic was purchased from Country Patch Collections. I'm so pleased with how the cards have turned out and hope the girls like them! You can also see a felt fortune cookie in the picture. You can find it here along with a tutorial on how to make them!!

We also had a bit of a sleep over last night. Amber had her bff over to play and boy did we have some fun!!! I forgot how much fun girly sleep overs can be!! We danced to a game on the Wii - which I happily won to the amazement of both girls! Turns out I still have it!! We baked, scrapped and created some cute rosettes from - of all things - egg cartons! Have a look! All we did was cut out two cups from an egg carton and then paint them red. Then we curled some pink Bazzill and glued it into the centre and added some tulle. Then we added some Stickles around the tops of the flower and cut out some leaf shapes from green felt. A small strip of the green felt was also used to attach the bobbypin to the back of the rose. The girls were really thrilled with the result and surprised they turned out so good!


  1. Such a wonderful day. I adore those roses!

  2. These are so pretty! Love all the V-day projects that you did! Thanks for sharing the fortune cookies tutorial too! I can now make a few for my daughter's special V-day surprise at school!

  3. Thje roses are so lovely Lucy (Munyip Makes) x

  4. Hey! I just found your blog through some of my friend's blogs! You are so talented!!
    I LOVE those roses!! Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!


    Hollie @ Momiji's Madness

  5. Beautiful work of always :)

  6. What a fun day you had!!! The roses are too adorable!


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