Happy New Year & my publishing debut!!

PhotobucketI want to wish all my friends and family - new and old a fantastic New Year!!! Hope it's going to be a good one!! To kick off the New Year I get to tell you all about my publishing debut in the online Scrapping Magazine - ScrapStreet!!!! I found out about a month ago now that my layout Photobucket "Jesse" had been spotted in the SB.com galleries and it fit one of their upcoming themes (woodland creatures). I was absolutely amazed to be "found" and now I can share the link with you for you to go and see mine and several others' layouts featuring cute little critters that remind us of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You can click {here} to get to my layout (cause I can't show it here for a month).

So what did you do for your New Year's celebrations? It was a quiet one in my house, Amber managed to stay awake until 2 minutes before the fireworks at midnight! I was up until 12.30am calling and texting my nearest and dearest friends and family - and receiving calls and texts! The neighbourhood was fairly quiet this year - no flares or backyard explosions (we had a fire cracker smash into the fence one other year from the bozo next door letting them off in his pool!) Now I'm patiently waiting for the clouds to clear so I can see the "Blue Moon" which was scheduled to make an appearance last night and will again on January 30th in my part of the world.

PhotobucketOkay - better go do some scrapping so I can start my 2010 album off!


Ria said...

Great job! I am so sure you'll go places Sarah!

Happy 2010 and hope this year brings forth bright promises for a peaceful year.

laterg8r said...

super congrats :D

happy new year :D

KellyCali said...

Woo-Hoo! Way To Go! So Happy For You Sarah! :)

KellyCali said...

p.s. Did the 'Blue Moon' ever show up? (Or was it like Linus from Charlie Brown, waiting on the Great Pumpkin all night?) LOL! You'll totally hafta let me know! ;)