A gorgeous day at the park

What a gorgeous day to spend at the park. We were there with several other friends under a huge tree, overlooking the Brisbane river. There was tons of places for the girls to play and explore and we had some really yummy things to eat (we all bought a plate), even if my sandwiches were a little dodgy. Seriously give me some paper and I could whip you up a sandwich, cupcake or origami bird to play with - but get me to cook food for others and I go to pieces! Any way, here are some photos of our fun day out!
Oh and see those cute little shoes Sophia is wearing - well she actually had an argument with me yesterday about them. She doesn't like to take them off! She loves them that much that they have to go on as soon as she sees them and then wears them all around the house, inside and out!

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Sarah Lou said...

Sounds like the perfect day out.