Merry Christmas Everyone

Yeah I know I'm a little late, I've been spending a lot of time off line with the girls - Jas has been at work. We all did well with presents this year - I got an iPhone!!! Now there's no chance that I'll go anywhere without my phone cause I can't put it down. You gotta love swishy gadgets, even my shopping list as an app! Here are some photos from our day:
Our patio has no cement in it yet, so I had to lay a blanket down, and thankfully the pool has a wonderfully cushioned bottom so the girls didn't even notice the uneven surface. Sophia has a little swimmer nappy under her stretch-n-grow cause she didn't want to get in to start with, Amber would live in the pool if we let her! After a little bit Sophia climbed in by herself and sat on her sister. It hasn't been a hot Christmas this year, we've had rain every day and night! New Year might be wet too - which could be fun for the fireworks!

I hope all my friends, family and blog visitors had a wonderful Christmas!!


laterg8r said...

love those pics, looks like a fun christmas :D

Ria said...

Nice gifts! And wow...iPhone for Christmas! That is the "star" on the Christmas tree!!!

Happy New Year...

Ria C
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