Going home...

Another layout for Sophia's first 12 months album - going home. I seriously must have had fog on the brain to have missed these photos, but now they're scrapped!
Contrary to popular belief I don't have fluffy hair - it's a Christmas tree behind me! Sophia also wore her sisters going home outfit with new headband - Amber wanted Sophia to wear her dress, which was really sweet. We got the wonderful surprise of being able to come home early! Hospital was so boring and I really wanted to get home and get on with things - especially when I new my mum and Amber were at home and Jas was running between me and them. Sophia had her last check up, weigh in and bath - then we bundled up all the presents, flowers and baby stuff and headed home with one extra princess in the family.

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laterg8r said...

such an adorable LO :D

isn't it great to get out of the hospital early? i got out on christmas last year and got to take my greatest gift home -- Skyler :D