A Christmassy Gift

I created this altered baby food container for the "anything Christmas" week over at Practical Scrappers.

All I did was clean out a baby food container, then decorate with some christmas patterned paper, stickers, stickles and ribbon. Then I filled with some bath bombs that I crushed up. All you need is a spoon to sprinkle in your bath - heaven!
The fun doesn't stop there - after you've used all the bath fizz - just wipe the jar clean and pop in a tea light!
They create the prettiest glow through the patterned paper - I suggest using double sided pp so you can see it through the glass window. A very simple and cheap gift to make - especially when you have a few to make!

The other great gift I have is the altered M&M smoothy. All I used was a container I bought at Wendy's with a slushy in it. Washed it out and dressed it up with some pretty paper - then filled it with M&Ms! You could layer different lollies or pop in some marshmellows. Then all I did was turn a candy cane upside down and poke into the M&Ms to act as a "straw", and decorated it with a sticker mounted on paper.
Go on you know you want to make one!


Kristina said...

I love your baby food jar idea, I am probably going to scraplift that one since I've got dozens of jars left from when Lilee was still eating the stuff. I'm always looking for ways to re-use those.

laterg8r said...

great ideas :D

Jamie Lane said...

Love both of the ideas! So cute!

KellyCali said...

Way Cute!...Especially love the lit pic! ;)