Sophia is a Wii Baby!

Every time I get the Wii Fit board out, Sophia has to have a play! She climbs all over the board and plays with the remote. So I decided to get some pictures!
We then found an exact replica toy of the remote at the shops - it's supposed to dispence lollies but I just let Sophia play with it. She presses the buttons, points it at the TV and just generally has fun! She does little stretches, crawls, bends and waves - every thing you need to learn to be a big person!! (I've added the actual remote top to the layout! - I bought two, one to play with and one to use as an embellie! The journalling is hidden behind the main picture where the ribbons are, and the flourish was created by painting the sticker negative from some Winter Doodlebug stickers)

Note - without the help of anyone, last night Sophia stood up in the middle of the room all by herself!!! Then she later did it while her daddy was lying down and stood for a full 5 seconds!! She's growing up so fast. Amber is itching to run about with her!!


laterg8r said...

love that you bought one to use for an embelly on your page - die hard scrapper you :D

so adorable :D

Mighty M said...

She is so cute on the Wii!