School's nearly out!

Can you believe Amber is nearly finished school for the year!! It's hard to believe that the year has flown by so quickly. Amber has absolutely loved school this year thanks in part to her wonderful teacher Miss Appleton whom we were fortunate enough to have for 3 terms before she had to leave. Sadly Amber now has a very inexperienced teacher who is terrible at her job and Amber now hates school so much so that she pretends she's sick each weekend to try and get out of going. Personally the woman is a nasty piece of work and should have no business teaching children who are at the beginning of their education. I really hope we can turn Amber's behavior around and help her to enjoy school once again.

Amber is looking forward to holidays and has even gathered all her little friends phone numbers and addresses so that she can catch up with them over Christmas. We finally got the school photos back about a week ago - so I of course scrapped one:
If the papers look a little crooked - ignore that - it's just the photography and cropping. The actual layout is straight. I was inspired by a layout I saw at 2Peas and this is my version. The metal shapes to the left are brads and the owl and branch were made entirely by me (I believe you can buy the owl as a stamp from memory), I made him ages ago and now he has a home on this layout. His wings have red stickles on them. Those little clear things at the bottom of the layout are just a plate holder that I used to hold the layout up (I forgot to erase them before posting!)

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laterg8r said...

i super duper love that owl you created - she looks so sweet!

ick for a bad teacher - its a shame for sure!