The Yucky House

Yes our house is a yucky house! For the past 5 days each and everyone one of my family members has come down with an awful stomach bug. It's been terrible, but thankfully we are all now back school and daycare - Jas is still off work recovering and I'm trying to enjoy my last few remaining days of maternity leave.

Today we've sat around the house waiting for technicians and tv repair people whilst putting up the new fence in the rain - yeah that didn't last long. The car is also in getting the air-con looked at because as far as Murphy's Law is concerned - it's summer so why do we need it! So what do you do on such a rediculously packed day of waiting - scrap of course!
This is Sophia helping her daddy to put in some tracking to hide cords that Sophia likes to play with! I used some printed tape with "Daddy, Papa & Father" on it to create the circle. I sewed and pleated as I went. The inspiration for this layout came from Page Maps. Here's a closeup of the ribbon circle:
I used invisible thread so you can't see the stitches. I also used my threading water punch along the bottom of the lined pp, then poked a skewer through the holes and ripped it out - for some texture. If you can see the look on Sophia's face in photo number 2 it's absolutely priceless - she really doesn't like sticky tape stuck to her!


laterg8r said...

so adorable that sticky tape face :D

love the ribbon circle :D

Julie Camacho said...

((((((((((((SARAH)))))))))))))), I hope you are all on the mend. Enjoy your last few days. I LOVE the LO!!