Go Go Inspector Gadget Mojo!!

Holy moly, I haven't felt like scrapping in weeks, but all of a sudden I just had to make some cards - and make them I did! I made 7 last night and then made myself go to bed! I would have been up all night - it's so good not having to study anymore!! Here they are - and also in my etsy store (button is on the right)

Phew - there you have them - all glittery, blinged, stamped, punched and even sewn. These are so much fun!!! Now remember you can buy each and every one of them in my Etsy Store - oh and there's plenty more to see over there!


  1. Sarah~ These are all beautiful! I love the Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes!

  2. these are beautiful! I have the cupcake paper and now you've inspired me to use it! I especially love that purple one!

  3. great cards - glad your mojo is back :D


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