Faux Snow

Yep that's what we have here - it's just too warm at any time of the year to have snow in Brisbane. So we play in bubbles instead! The girls love to have bubbles in their bath - particularly Sophia cause she likes to eat them! Here's Sophia pretending to be Santa in her bath of Faux Snow:I photographed this layout due to the different elements that I added - pleated paper, ribbon with knots, beads and stickers. I added some flares to the areas that have Stickles so that you can see them better - all the snowflakes in the pp have Stickles. Just a note - I used one sheet of pp for the base of this layout - I simply cut it in half across the middle and then reversed one half. This gave me pattern up the top and blue down the bottom. I simply covered the join with pleated paper, which I then sewed across and then added some organza ribbon. The photo on the far left is raised on 3D foam tape so that it sits nicely over the pleated paper, and I journalled around the edge of the photos.I randomly pleated some pp - this took 2 12inch lengths. I adhered them with sticky squares and then sewed 2 lines across them. The ribbon is gently knotted and adhered with pearl beads that I stitched to the layout.
I used Doodlebug stickers for embellishing. I raised some of them on 3D foam tape, then I stickled some of them. The inspiration for this layout came from Page Maps.
UPDATE: Amber had some dental work done today - she was very apprehensive when we went in but is now recovering really well and has been relaxing and taking it easy while watching DVDs and sipping lemonaide. She is so brave, the nurse gave her a beautiful big soft white bear and a letter to give to the tooth fairy explaining where Amber's teeth have gone! It's been quite a day!


parentingBYdummies said...

You make me miss scrapping. Not that I was ever very good, because I'm not very creative and for whatever reason I was cursed with a handful of thumbs, but still, it was fun. Maybe one day! Stopped by from SITS.

laterg8r said...

love that snow/bubbles - very cool techniques.

hope she feels better soon :D