2 Days of Camp

Amber has spent the last two days at camp - even sleeping overnight for the first time in a tent! Jas has been with her helping out the teachers and then leading a group for the activities over the two days. I think I'm right in saying he's sunburned and absolutely pooped from all the work he's done! I arrived at the campsite just in time to see some really cool wild animals - one was the actual Wolfblass Wedgetail Eagle - he's the only one of his kind that is tame in Australia! The handlers had him flying into trees and then swooping low over the group of children to land on the other handlers arm - this didn't turn out how they planned because the poor kids had been terrorised by Magpies for the past two days and couldn't cope with a bird the size of a small child doing the same! Here are some photos:

Amber and one of her best friends

Unfortunately I had to break the news to my camera man (Jas) when he arrived home, that all his photos had a huge smear across them! This one was too cute though - the girls spending some time reading a Princess Magazine in the shade.Amber was brave enough to pat the tail of a crocodile!A cute little barn owl - she's 3 years old.

I love the way this little possum is holding onto the Brocolli! She did manage to surprise a couple of boys by pooping on them! She reminds me of my cat!

And the gorgeous Wedgetail Eagle - I got real close (but there was no way I was patting his chest! Too close to that massive hooked beak!)

So now Amber is home - and relaxing, ready to start the school holidays! Meanwhile poor Jas is at work on nightshift.

Oh and here's Amber before she started camp - they all had the same theme shirt to wear.


Ria said...

I can make out that Amber had a great time! Look at her smile :)

Btw, love your new layout here. How do you do that? I have been itching to change my blogger template to that of a whimsical, party-themed with cute and fat birds as my models ;) Know anyone who is good in over-hauling blogger template?

Happy weekend! Hugs to Sophia and regards to your hubby!

Julie Camacho said...

It looks like they had a lot of fun!!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

The possum is adorable.