Word Verification Funnies!

Have you ever taken any notice of the funny words that may appear in the word verifications on the blogs you visit - you know that annoying step where you have to verify that you're human and not some spam-bot? It's usually at the bottom of the comment you write on some blogs. Well I've found some funny ones that I thought I would share with you:Nerds with a blocked nose!

Well gates get cold to you know - so I knit for them!

Maybe you could pick one up at Starbucks? Gob-latte!
Why so glum - shum?

Perhaps a store you find gynos in? Or a gyno dinosaur? Both scary in their own way!
What Amber thinks she is when she's been in the bath too long (she means prune - but says prawn)
The fastr I go the behndr I get!
Now tell me what you've found!!


Ashley said...


Sarah said...

THIS IS SO STRANGE!! For the past 3 days I have been making up definitions for these words in my head. I thought it would be fun to have people leave me their definition when they comment but I don't think I have the word verification set up on my blog...how strange!!

My word is "whoutst". My definition of this word is: an exclamation of excitement during Shakesperean times. Ex. "Whoutst! That jester was hilarious!"

Katherine said...

Too funny! I have seen some funny ones lately - but none come to mind.

My word here is "broven", you know - kind of like a coven, but with bro-dudes instead of witches...

Yeah, I'm a dork.

laterg8r said...

i notice this too. my fave was ommasms - when you feel really REALLY good doing yoga you have a...ommasm! LOL

Julie Camacho said...

LOL! I have also noticed this!

Courtney said...

hahaha :)

my recent favorite was feel2pal... feel your pal? hmmmm I'm not so sure about that one.

Bustie McGoo said...

this is so funny! And what a great idea! My word verification for this is untealco. Stands for the Unteal Company. They sell anything and everything that isn't teal.

Tali G said...

Too funny...I have been thinking about those for days now, and the definitions are had to come up with but you did an awesome job.