This is me

I created this layout for two challenges - Scrap the girls - where I had to use one photo - of me (scary yes?), and then use stamped images that were cut out and then added to the layout. The other challenge is Use it or Lose it - where I had to use products from my list of 5 (that I had chosen), I chose some daffodils and scrapbook stamps. Here's what I came up with:I'm not used to scrapping me - it's sort of weird. Any way, I rummaged through my stash to find all sort of neat embellies that mean something to me - here's my list:
* cooking utencils, cause I like to bake
* scrapping stamps - well that's obvious
* a bunny - always wanted one, but can't due to QLD laws
*butterflies - always have them around me (my dd thinks they are her nana come to visit)
* Pooh Bear - cause he's lovable and huggable
* graduation cap - cause I'm studying my Diploma
* fish - I don't swim at the beach or in water where I can't see my feet
* BBQ - love these with family and friends
*frogs - have a major phobia!
*hydrangeas - love how they can change colour depending where they're planted - quite adaptable!
* inspire, create, imagine, believe rub-on - I love to do all these
* little tooth in a box - I have no fillings and was only born with 2 wisdom teeth, which are now removed
*baby patch - both my babies are gifts, and so precious to me
* daffodils - love gardening
*cupcake brad - I love to make them out of paper! Oh and to eat them!
* smile and friends token - smiling makes things better and so do friends
* christmas lights - absolutely love them! Especially twinkly ones
* a ghost - I believe in them
* the title was chosen to be clear because sometimes that's how I feel, like no one can see me, I'm insignificant or I just want to blend into the background
And now, because scanning never shows the layout properly - here's some closeups:

This layout has lots of dimension, texture and colour. The pp you can see above is the other side of this green cardstock, I simply created a frame by cutting flaps and folding them up and then adhering them with flower brads.


Katherine said...

What a great layout. I may have to scraplift this idea - how fun!

Julie Camacho said...

Sarah- I love all the little embelli's that show who you are! Great LO!

Michelle said...

Sarah you did a fantastic job!! I love how you did this! I have been wanting to scrap "me" but did't know how!! Thanks for a great idea!