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For my regular visitors, you will notice this is a re-post - I was just a little worried that my new visitors on the ADORNit bloghop may miss my project.

My summer project is: Summer in a jar. Since it's winter here in Australia, I wondered how I could keep a little bit of summer all year round? This is what I came up with:

I have used a 16cm x 12 cm jar from Ikea (it was only $5!), then filled it with clean sand I bought at Earthborn. I sprinkled in some shells and starfish, then added my handmade 3x3 mini album - complete with 3D sandcastle on the front. On the top I wrapped the lid with fibre in a soft green/blue, added some summery flowers that I embellished with rhinestones, and then added some bouncy butterflies. There's some party themed organza ribbon on the hinge. I also added the rhinestone word "memories" across the front of the jar.

Here's what the top looks like - and you can see the butterflies a little better. I used acetate to create little curves that the butterflies are attached to, so any breeze or movement of the jar makes them bounce above the flowers!

Ah the sandcastle - the ultimate summer icon. I made mine out of yellow Bazzill cardstock, there are 3 layers with little windows and a door cut out for dimension. The flag is a toothpick and green pp.

This little 3x3 inch mini album was created using one sheet of Doodlebug pp, specially folded to make the pages. Then I used two scraps of paper and chipboard to create the front and back cover. There is a ribbon that holds the pages together (instead of open like this). So there you have it - the sand, shells, fish, sandcastle and gorgeous flowers and butterflies - all the things I love about Summer. Lift the lid and you can almost hear the waves!

For a tutorial on this little album, please click - {here}

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Kyla said...

This is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for the cute little tutorial on making the album AND the inspiration to make one for myself! ;)

Night Shift Nancy said...

Awesome, awesome blog and everything here. . . love the pixel art. . . I am going to follow you if that's ok :) Blog hopping on!

CamillaE said...

Love your project!

charlottemd said...

Sarah, you are always so talented.. Thank you for sharing all of your fantastic Ideas. You ahve such a great blog to be hopping into. :0)

Tere said...

cute jar, thanks for sharin!!!!

Kim Rose said...

What a great idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Peek at My Paper said...

That is the cutest thing! I love your idea. Thanks so much!

pysselpetra said...

Super cool project - it must have given you so much joy and satisfaction to make and accomplish. Great creativity!!!