The perfect pet!

Okay so I have a pet - a real one - her name's Sweet-Pea and I love her to bits, but for this little Challenge (Journalling & Blogging Challenge) I've chose my Pet Society Pet - Snookums. Yes she's perfect. She lives in a little house - well actually it's getting bigger all the time - it has 7 fully furnished rooms and front and back garden. There are water views, fruit trees, fish tanks, reading nooks, a splendid kitchen and a water feature - heck you can even grow cupcakes in the back garden on your very own cupcake tree! Here are some pictures of her:

This is the front room - you can see some of her trophies.

This is the front garden - complete with water feature and scarecrow

This is the upstairs room with a view of Paris - also a wonderful collection of fish - they actually swim.This is Amber's room, complete with underwater theme (and a fairy bed) - there's also a mermaid costume to go with this room. Snookums collects all sorts of toys to add to Amber's room.

This of course is Sophia's room - it has more toys and baby themed things. Snookums is a wonderful pet, who earns money, is self sufficient and can never die. Amber plays with her all the time - unlike our cat and (late) dog Jess who she's deathly afraid of for some weird reason. She can dress up, dances, laughs, eats, and on occassion can poop gold poops! She also has many other pets she can visit in their own little houses and now loves to fish at the local pond. She used to compete in many races but has since retired from the sport. I love my perfect pet Snookums!

(Meanwhile my other "perfect" pet Sweet-Pea just howled her way up the hallway - it's her new way of saying "I'm going to bed now", only she woke Sophia in the process - ARGGGG!!!!!!!)


jacque4u2c said...

This reminds of the fun farm my husband has on facebook. He is always harvesting and growing stuff. Pretty neat just like your virtual pet.

Ashley said...

I have one of those pets too! Awesome application! :)