Colour me happy!

Retail therapy is soooo goooood! Yes I went shopping at one of the biggest scrapbook stores in my area, and just walking up and down the aisles of goodies makes you happy! Even Sophia was impressed as she passed all the glittery things! Here's my haul:Is that the most wonderful rainbow you've ever seen?!?! There's even some bling in there! I even managed to find the perfect sized envelopes for my cards. We had such a good time today at the shops - we found a park instantly where we wanted it, we found a seat in seconds after we ordered lunch (those two things NEVER happen) especially around lunchtime! The only thing we didn't find was a book about going to the dentist - looks like I'll be buying that online. I also took the girls to the library - there's one in the shopping centre. It's huge and the children's area is awesome. The lights are huge jelly fish, the tables are octopuses and the murals are all of under the sea whales, and sea creatures - it's called the Octopus's Garden. We all cozied up on a big sofa and read stories that Amber chose. Sophia just wanted to eat them, and she loves the touch and feel books! Amber also found some wonderful crafty things to do on her last two days of holidays. Yep she heads back to school on Monday - peace at last - I mean, ho hum how quiet will it be? Hehe


  1. we had the best scrapping store in my town, and it closed. so jealous!

  2. It sounds like the perfect day!


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