Baby in the garden...

I forgot to post this yesterday. This artist over at {Sigmagirl} posted a layout of a photo printed on Primas (flowers), so of course I had to give it a go to see if it was easy or not!And yes it truly is easy! All I did was choose a photo, then I lightened it a little in PSP (totally your own choice though) and printed it on my PIXMA inkjet printer. I set it aside to dry a bit, then ran a dozen primas through my Xyron (I only have the small "X" shape one). I gave them a good rub to ensure the adhesive stuck well, then peeled them off and stuck them where I wanted them on the photo I printed earlier. Once I was happy I made sure all parts were stuck down well - you don't want bits sticking up when it goes through the printer! I then re-inserted my paper (with flowers stuck on), in the exact way that it printed out before, and then I printed the photo again. It will print directly over the top of the first photo you printed. Once the printing is complete, I would let it stand for a bit to dry, then I simply trimmed the excess paper from around the primas and then attached it to my card. I used my xacto knife to lift some of the petals for dimension and then added some bling. "Cutie Pie" is a stamp, and the ribbon is sewn on with my sewing machine. Go on have a go - you know you want to!

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  1. That's wicked neat! I would have never thought of printing on flowers!


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