3x3 mini album tutorial

As promised I have complete my tutorial on making a 3x3 mini album - just like the one I made for my Summer Jar. They are so easy - just remember though, if your paper (that you are going to use for the pages) has directional patterns or pictures on them - they may come out sideways, or upside down when the paper is folded.
Let me know if you make one, I would love to see it!!


  1. thanks for sharing this tutorial! got your message in my blog. so, did i qualify in the pay it forward???

    i haven't prepared anything yet as i squeeze my brain for creative juice?

    here is my email: msculit@yahoo.com


  2. Holy shiz did you make that! Im so envious?! Im a designer but my creative medium is furniture, colors and fabric. If I actually had to make it?? Well Id end up working at McDonalds!


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