What a hoot!

For Mother's Day, Amber and Sophia printed their hands in paint and then put them onto a canvas for my MIL & Mum. Amber's hands were in a heart shape, and then Sophia's little print was next to it. I took a photo of Sophia in her little art smock, before she painted - it's quite hard to paint a baby's hand and then keep it open long enough to print it! I'm used to toddlers and pre-kindy age!I was inspired by a tree that my online friend Jennifer Priest created for one of her layouts - she is so talented, you can find her blog by clicking here - I then made an owl to sit in the tree. I drew the shape of the owl on dark Bazzill, then cut out an oval for his tummy, added boggly eyes and some cut flowers for wings. Sophia's hand print was printed on pink Bazzill and then cut out. Here are some closeups:

The leaves were cut using some decorative scissors, the other leaves were doodled on with a Zig pen. The tree itself is made of cork. I sewed buttons using white thread. As you can see the owl is quite dimensional - his beak sits up with 3D foam tape.

Sophia's little hand - raised on 3D foam tape so that it stands out from the background. Another point to note - the white card behind the photo has had the edges sewn with my sewing machine.

Please don't forget to visit: Hydrangea Hippo and see all the wonderfully crafty things that Jennifer makes!


  1. Wicked cute layout! Love the owl!

  2. Thanks so much for posting a comment at my blog.

    Have a wonderful day, from a SITSsta!

  3. Thanks for the comment. You have a great blog. Love the mini albums. Beautiful girls

  4. I love the LO! I know what you mean..those little hands just want to stay in a fist. It turned out great.

  5. The LO is fantastic! I have been thinking about doing a handprint of Liam, before he gets to big!

    I seem to have lost his handprints and footprints from the hospital (seriously hoping they will turn up somewhere)!

    Did you use acrylic paint?

  6. i really like how U added texture using cork etc for the tree. I luv Ur bright colors on Ur pages. Very cleaver idea!! Left U a message. glograbearthe Texan Maverick

  7. Awesome layout and great idea with the hand prints :)


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