Tummy Time & A Party...

Amber's teacher sent me over the photos of our little impromptu birthday party that we had for her a few weeks ago - I didn't know if I could take photos - being school and all - so I didn't take my camera. Turns out Amber's teacher has a great camera and sent me the photos via email the same day! The only thing I'm bummed about is not having Amber's actual teacher in the shots - since it was her birthday!

The big photo of the cupcakes was taken at home and the others were taken at school - Sophia had her eyes locked on the cake the whole time! I created the candles from Bazzill scraps and Stickled the dots to mimic the ones in the photo. The flames are made from yellow ribbon pulled through tiny holes. I raised the circles behind the candles on 3D foam tape so the ribbon wouldn't be so bumpy behind the paper.

Here's a closeup - you can see the Stickles better. The edges of the circles have been distressed and then I doodled a black line. The cupcakes in the pp have also been Stickled for added sparkle. I doodled the border around the cupcake stand - it mimics the doodled lines in the pp.

After all that, Sophia and I had tummy time today - yes me too. She absolutely loves getting on the floor and moving about. Here's a couple of my favourite photos:

Yep I think she could model for Pumpkin Patch!

Smiling while chewing on her teething ring - still no teeth...


  1. Those candles are amazing! I actually won two bottles of stickles at NSD on scrapbook.com, and I have still never used them.

    I am a person who resists change. I'm so gonna try some stickling.

    Also, I love that you made flames with ribbon! how cool and innovative!

  2. Another amazing layout! The first picture of Sophia is awesome what a cutie :)


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