Playing at the park

It's the Queen's Birthday long weekend here - and it started off quite chilly, so we were a little reluctant to venture outside. Miss Sophia (the darling) let Amber and I sleep in until the phone woke us at nearly 8am! I freaked and thought I had overslept the alarm and would have Amber to school late - of coarse I didn't set the alarm, cause Amber didn't have to go to school today. So we kind of played Wii and watched TV for the morning and played with Sophia, then it warmed up by 2pm so I took the girls out to our favourite park. It was so busy with parties and families, but we had a nice walk, a play on the gym equipment and a few swings on the swing. It was nice to thaw out and take our jumpers off. Here's some piccys:

My littlest Princess in the big swing, oh how I love those cheeks!

Amber loves to play on the swings, and after she had a go, she came over and helped to push Sophia, she's such a good sister!

And here's a little video of Sophia enjoying her swing:


  1. Happy Queens Birthday! (is that the appropriate greeting?) Looks like you had a ball!

  2. Your girls are just gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope you are enjoying your day off! :-)

  3. You certainly have adorable kids.

  4. Love your blog... you take the best pictures. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Aww, your girls are adorable! Thanks for stopping by today :)

  6. I absolutely love that you take all these awesome videos.

    Also that swing is really cool. We have been searching for months, and still cannot find a local park that has swings for babies/toddlers. They are all big kid swings!

    I can't believe that you think 8 am is sleeping in, pure craziness!

  7. So which Queen's birthday do you celebrate there? We have Victoria Day after Queen Victoria in May :)

    The pictures are awesome your princesses are so pretty.


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