Just a walk in the park

PhotobucketMy little family and I went to the city today with our friends Scott & Anna - it was so much fun! We travelled by car, then parked at the Exhibition center and walked over the bridge to the Queen Street Mall - there we had lunch at Subway (and scored 2 free choc cookies! The lady there was so nice!), then we browsed through the different shops and listened to some live singers and bands. We then ventured into the Myer centre and all went our own ways, looking in shops and riding the lifts (Amber's favourite bit!). I managed to find a cute stamp collection - perfect for all the expecting mummies I know! And some stickers - we also found the perfect stickers for Amber's sticker exchange friend Conner. We then found each other and Scott shouted me a ride in the massage chairs - OMG - I've always seen them in the shopping centres and wondered if they were any good, they are! It does feel weird reclined in a chair while people are shopping around you. I realised my glutes and shoulders are sore from the digging I did yesterday with Jas! I also went for a run this morning, so a massage was perfect for the middle of the day! Scott and I both agreed it was the best $2 we've ever spent - for 4 minutes of bliss! We then walked from the Myer centre to the City Botanic Gardens, making our way along the water front. We stopped for a bit at some playing equipment so Sophia could get out of her pram for a stretch and Amber could run and play. No less than 2 minutes after leaving the park - I got a migraine - they truly pick the worst moments to come on! I lost part of my sight but kept telling myself it would go away. We continued our walk around the gardens, through the Uni and over the Goodwill Bridge. It was such a beautiful day for a stroll! When we got to South Bank I was feeling a little better, just some pressure building in my forehead, so I got myself a wonderful Pineapple Boost Juice to go, and we walked back to the car. It truly was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday and we all want to do it again - next time I won't have a migraine and will take full advantage of the awesome markets they have there! I wanted to go shopping!! Sadly our day out nearly ended terribly - just as we left the motorway and merged onto the large roundabout that circles above it, we encountered an old lady driving a red car - GOING THE WRONG WAY - I screamed, Jas slammed his brakes on and poor Amber ended up being belted in the head with the Refidex (map book of Brisbane), that flew off the parcel shelf. Yep that's why they tell you not to store things up there! Sophia slept through the whole thing. That old woman kept driving like nothing happened. We nearly swiped another car in the other lane trying to get out of her way. Amber is okay now, we put a Boo-boo ice pack on her head and she rested as soon as we got home - a little shaken, but fine. Seriously, how do you go around a roundabout the wrong way! Now I'm resting and feeling like an old woman cause every part of my body aches from all the exercise I've done! I'm going to watch CSI and have a hot chocolate.


  1. Wow! Sounds like a very busy day! Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Sounded like a fun day up until that last bit. Boy, you were really lucky!

  3. That's scary! Glad you're all ok. Unfortunately it's not uncommon around here to have things like that happen, and people scream "discrmination" when they try to pass laws that require people over 85 to pass driving tests once a year.

    I read an article in the paper the other day about a woman who drove through a bakery plate glass window. She almost hit a little boy too. Then she backed up, parked, got out of her car and walked into the bakery to pick up her order like nothing had happened.

  4. Ah man, you made me want a massage now!

    What a crazy old woman.. I'm glad Amber is ok :)

  5. Oh no! First off it sounds like the day was a grand one with the exception of the crazy driver and the migraine.

    I have horrible migraines and I can empathize!


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