Study, Study and more Study....

Blah, I hate studying, I hated school for the very same reason. I wish I could just enjoy my time off, but instead I have to study. I even bought a scrapping magazine today just to cheer me up. Creating Keepsakes is getting smaller and smaller - wonder what's going on there. Any way here is a layout from Easter:
I have saved all our chocolate egg wrappers - incase I need them for craft, and would you believe they inspired me to make embellishments. I cut egg shapes from heavy card and then wrapped the foil around them. I attached them to the layout with 3D foam tape. I also created Jelly Beans from Bazzill and then added some Stickles. These are also raised on foam tape. I created the journalling block myself from white cardstock. The lettering comes in different colours, the capital "C" has the word "Cheerful" on it - which is perfect for Amber's chicks. I doodled around all the photos too.


  1. Love the idea of using wrappers on the layout! Wicked creative!

  2. Another the idea about the wrappers would have never thought of that one :)

  3. OOOOO I love the idea of wrapping the eggs with the foil! What a fantastic idea. I love the pink and yellow colors! Great page!


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