A sneak peek at someone's gift....

I'm currently making a very special gift for someone, but am itching to show it to someone, so I'm showing you! I can only show you a sneak peek though, because I don't want to give away the surprise!

Hmm, something to do with tools eh, and they're a cutie? Hmm......

Amber, Sophia and I spent the day down at my day care centre. They had an open day fete. It was great. The centre mascot was there in all his beary cuteness for the children to cuddle, there were crafts to make, a jumping castle to play on and I got to chat with parents I haven't seen for ages and catch up with the girls. They all said that I looked so happy to be a mum again and couldn't understand why I would want to come back! Hmm, perhaps cause I want a patio and full backyard renovation? Honestly though I am a little freaked at the idea of someone else looking after Sophia when she is so small. I work in the industry and know that there are plenty of girls working in daycare that shouldn't be. It's a sad fact, and one that I have to be very diligent in detecting when researching the centre that I want Sophia to attend.

After the fun at daycare I took Amber out for a bit of shopping and some lunch. We all had a wonderful morning out - Amber even bumped into her BFF and found out she is returning to Amber's school next term - they've known each other since Prep.

Now before I go, I want to show you what my peeps have been up to. Candace & Courtney I've been taking good care of my peeps and giving them the hot-tub treatment every night now that it's getting cooler!
After I ran out of bunnies - the chicks got to go in the hot-tub....mmmmmmm...yummy! They get so smushy on the bottom!


  1. Sarah, yummy way to use your Peeps!

  2. Now that's a creative way to use Peeps!

  3. I hear you about the daycare thing...my youngest starts kindergarten in the fall and then I will return to work, I wanted to stay with him as I don't want a stranger raising my child, because as you say some of them really shouldn't be looking after other's peoples children.

    The peep looks nice and warm :)


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